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Alabama Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplants for Women

Female Pattern Baldness

Woman after hair transplant

Hair loss is a problem that affects nearly 20 million American women. Hair loss in women usually appears gradually and can accelerate when hormone levels change during pregnancy and menopause. Women rarely develop bald spots, but experience a diffuse thinning of hair throughout the scalp that often has a profound psychological effect. At least 90% of hair loss in both women and men is due to Androgenetic Alopecia, an inherited condition called Female Pattern Baldness in women.

Birmingham, Alabama Hair Restoration for Women

Our Alabama Hair Transplant Surgeons can help women with a noticeable thinning of hair achieve increased density and a dramatic change in appearance with the newest hair restoration techniques. A Hair Transplant using Follicular Unit Transplantation at our Birmingham, Alabama hair transplant center is a permanent solution that offers excellent results for women with hair loss.

With artistic detail, individual transplanted hair follicles are blended into the existing hair to increase hair density and restore a youthful, natural look. The procedure is performed at our fully-accredited outpatient surgery facility to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care, comfort and convenience.

If you believe permanent hair restoration may be an option for you, please contact our Alabama practice today to schedule a consultation. During this appointment with Dr. William Hedden, we will evaluate your level of hair loss, discuss your aesthetic goals and answer any questions you have about hair transplants. Based on a thorough evaluation, we design a hair restoration program individually tailored to help each patient achieve natural, life-long hair transplant results.