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Hair Transplants for Men

Man after hair transplant

Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenetic Alopecia is a genetic condition that causes more than half of all men to develop Male Pattern Baldness by age 50. Men with this inherited form of hair loss usually experience a receding hairline and partial or complete balding on the crown of the head. The psychological impact of balding in men varies greatly. While some accept hair loss as an unpleasant fact of life, others are troubled by anxiety and feel limited in their ability to feel comfortable in public and in social situations.

Birmingham, Alabama Hair Restoration for Men

In men with Androgenetic Alopecia, hair follicles in areas prone to balding or recession are sensitive to hormones that cause them to shrink and eventually quit growing new hairs. However, even most men who experience complete balding on the top of the head have a plentiful supply of healthy terminal hair on the back and sides.

During a Hair Transplant, these loss-resistant hair follicles are surgically relocated to fill in balding areas and restore a natural-looking hairline. When fully mature, the transplanted hair follicles continue to produce new hairs for a lifetime. The procedure is performed at our fully-accredited outpatient surgery suite to ensure that each patient at our Birmingham, Alabama hair transplant clinic receives the best possible care.

If you believe permanent hair restoration may be an option for you, please contact our Alabama practice today to schedule a consultation. During this appointment with Dr. William Hedden, we will help you evaluate your level of hair loss, discuss your aesthetic goals and answer any questions you have about hair transplants. Based on a thorough evaluation, we design a hair restoration program individually tailored to help each patient achieve natural, life-long hair transplant results.