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Hair transplant surgeons tab Catherine Zeta-Jones and Patrick Dempsey for best hair

Survey of world's leading hair experts also finds hair transplant patients more willing to discuss procedure

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Patrick Dempsey

Members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) know good hair when they see it - and they like what they see in Catherine Zeta-Jones and Patrick Dempsey. As part of the ISHRS 2011 Practice Census, 44% of members voted Catherine Zeta-Jones as the female celebrity with the most luscious locks, while 71% chose Patrick Dempsey as the male celebrity with the best hair.

Also mentioned for their attractive manes were Angelina Jolie, Freida Pinto, Nicole Kidman and Monica Belluci. Runnerups on the men's side included Enrique Iglesias, Dev Patel, Michael Bublé and Charlie Sheen.

Founded in 1993, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is a non-profit medical association with a worldwide membership dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of hair transplants and hair restoration. The ISHRS is the world's leading medical authority on hair loss and hair restoration.

Hair restoration goes mainstream

For many people, cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo to discuss, and in fact, procedures are often shared openly in social circles and in the workplace. The reason? There are more options than ever before to nip, tuck, restore, enhance and rejuvenate nearly any aspect of one's appearance.

New information from the ISHRS's 2011 Practice Census finds that people who undergo hair restoration surgery are willing to be more open about having a little work done on their locks. More than half of patients said they were more likely to discuss the procedure with family and friends than in 2008, and more than a one-third said they were just as likely to talk about it.

Hair restoration surgery continues worldwide growth

Despite slow economic growth, the demand for procedures to correct hair loss is stronger than ever, according to ISHRS statistics. The 2011 Practice Census reported a total of 279,381 surgical hair restoration procedures worldwide in 2010, with 101,252 procedures in the United States. That's a 3% increase since 2008 and a 15% increase since the ISHRS began collecting data in 2004.

While the majority of hair restoration patients are men, women are increasingly seeking help for hair loss. In 2010, 86% of all surgical hair restoration patients worldwide were male and 14% were female. Since 2004, the number of female patients has increased by 24%.

The 2011 Practice Census by the ISHRS is a compilation of information provided solely by participating physicians. The information was developed from actual historical information and does not include any projected information. The margin of error for the sample is plus or minus 6.4% with a confidence level of 95%.

Source: The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 8/16/11